About Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike with The Barnstormers Theatre:

The Conway Daily Sun: “As neighbor Nina, Angela Hope Smith … proves her mettle, even enacting a molecule while dressed up like Cleopatra …”

About Life of Riley with Zeitgeist Stage Co.:

Boston Arts Review: “And Angela Smith gives one of the loveliest performances I’ve seen this year as Riley’s ex, lured back by the amoral Svengali.”

The Boston Globe: “David J. Miller’s deft direction finds just the right blend of tragedy and hilarity in Ayckbourn’s play about three couples coping with the news of their mutual friend’s impending death. …  He also gets some superb performances from his ensemble…”

About Richard III with Advice To The Players:

The Conway Daily Sun: “Angela Smith is dynamic as Lady Anne and her barbed-filled exchanges with Beaulieu [Richard III] are a highlight of the production…”

About Romeo & Juliet with Advice To The Players:

The Conway Daily Sun: “Andrew Codispoti and Angela Smith as the title characters capture all the angst of youth. Director Kevin G. Coleman has pulled big, impassioned performances from his actors. Codispoti and Smith are not subtle but instead tap into raw feeling. This is as it should be with ‘Romeo and Juliet,’…”