"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" ~Clairee

Steel Magnolias has opened! Only three shows left (including tonight) in beautiful Tamworth, NH. Sure it happens to be raining, all the better reason to see a play! I'm so grateful to be playing Annelle, who has been fun and challenging, and to be working with a knock-out ensemble of ladies I adore, as well as my favorite director (who maaay have been my adviser in college, too!). It's been an blast at the Barnstormers this past week and a half. Yes, that's all! One week stock at its finest. There's still time for tickets

Next up: I've been cast as Ana, the Reverend's wife, in the Little Boston Grand webseries, “Broken Stone,” a supernatural thriller! Looking forward to new faces and fun material.

Thank goodness there's still some summer left!