The day has arrived! The Finest Hours is now playing in theatres.

The Finest Hours Official Poster

If you haven’t heard, The Finest Hours is based on the true story of an impossible rescue at sea – the most daring in Coast Guard history to date. In 1952, Bernie Webber and his crew of three saved 32 men from half a sinking hulk of an oil tanker in the middle of a Nor’Easter off the coast of Cape Cod. Not only was the voyage impossible – crossing the shifting Chatham bar which is deadly even in fair weather, and finding half a drifting oil tanker amidst monster waves with no compass in the dark – but Webber and his crew fit 32 survivors on a wooden life boat built to hold only 12 –and made it home. Chris Pine Stars as Webber, Holliday Grainger as his fiance, Miriam Pentinen, and Casey Affleck as Raymond Sybert, the officer in charge aboard the doomed T2 tanker.

I play Catherine Paine, the friend Miriam brings along on the tentative but sweet first double-date that opens the film. I got to work with Craig Gillespie, Chris Pine, Holliday Grainger and Beau Knapp filming on location on the Cape. I’ll never forget shooting these scenes, and it’s so exciting to see them translated onto the big screen as part of the whole gorgeous story.

Go, go, go! see this film. The incredible bravery of Bernie Webber and his crew is more than deserving of the Hollywood spotlight. It’s a reminder of the danger the men and women of the Coast Guard put themselves in every day. And since the real-life selflessness and bravery – past and present – is truly what’s at the heart of this film, Disney is going to great lengths to honor Coast Guard officers and cadets, and of course the surviving 1952 crew members, at screenings and events across the country. Andy Fitzgerald, one of the three young men who volunteered to go with Bernie, was recently honored at Disneyland.

It’s something truly different from the rest of the box office lineup, and I couldn’t be prouder!