"Jingle Bells, Jingle-Yay, Jingle-Good for you!" ~Leslie Knope

I happen to really love the holiday season. Even if it means driving in snowy-slush-yuck to get to auditions (for which I am incredibly grateful).

Remember the NE Lottery commercial I did this summer? I finally tracked down links to both spots currently airing on TV (that I know of. If you've seen different ones, let me know). So flashing back to summer/autumn, here ya go!

:04 and :21


For my birthday this year, I took the bus to NYC for my first EPA at the Equity headquarters, a seminar with the cool folks at the Actor's Green Room and 30 Rock CD Katja Blichfeld, and some really awesome hot chocolate at Broadway Bites in Herald Square.

And since 2014 is barreling straight towards us – announcement!
I've been cast as Lady Anne in Richard III with Advice to the Players. We've tackled Richard at ATTP before, but in the wacky melodramatic form of “The Life and Death of that Dastardly Villain: Richard III, A.k.a., The Bunchback'd Toad.” I'm very excited to tackle Anne's scenes, y'know, dramatically!

Hope your holidays are full of cheer, your winter is full of light, and your new year is full of hope!