I've Won!

So the NH Theatre Awards were Saturday, January 25th at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, NH. I went along with four colleagues from Advice to the Players, including fellow nominees Candace Clift, Mark Woollett, and John Schnatterly (Best Actress, Best Director/Best Production, and Best Actor noms, respectively). And…. I won!

I won Best Actress in a Drama/Comedy Professional Production for the role of Cassius in last spring's Julius Caesar with Advice to the Players. The full list of winners and finalists from 2013 can be found HERE.

I'm so proud of this company and the work they do, and honored to have been recognized as a successful part of it! Also proud of them for hopping on the shiny-socialmedia-tech wagon. Check out their new Instagram with a few pics of the awards night!

I'm thrilled not only to have represented this company, but also to have represented Shakespeare – especially a cross-cast production!

And so, onwards, to more of the Bard! Stay tuned for Richard III info, opening in March!