Important Update

Sad news:

New Art Theatre's production of The Glass Menagerie has been cancelled. As I understand it, the recent Nor'Easter had a lot to do with several schools having to change their plans and cancel. There was only one public performance, but I do hope that this doesn't cause any inconveniences. It seems like the venue's website is not yet updated to reflect the cancellation, or with any information for those who may have already bought tickets. I recommend calling the Dana Center if you fall into this category. Here's their website again:

We're all disappointed – that the kids miss out on another arts opportunity (and it's no secret that those are quickly evaporating from schools these days), and that we miss out on tackling Williams' beautifully haunting story of Amanda, Jim and Laura. Well, sometimes life just throws snowstorms at you in October, I guess. Maybe someday we'll get to come back to the Menagerie.

Tonight I'm auditioning for Next Door Theater Company, and on Wednesday I'll be bringing my oats and beans to Meals for Monologues with CP Casting and LDI Casting.

I may have more exciting news, but I'll save it for after the holidays which, for me, start rolling this weekend.

See you after all the pie and turkey disappears! (Right? Isn't that what happens; it eventually just disappears? I certainly don't eat it all, that's for sure.)