I'm Nominated! Uh-GAIN!

Wow! Well this just… willikers!

I've been nominated for an IRNE Award! Best Supporting Actress in a Play (Small/Fringe) for playing Monica in Life of Riley with Zeitgeist Stage Company in Boston, who has a total of 9 nominations this year! I'm honored to have worked with this company, and to have had the good luck and privilege to perform with quite a few of these Boston-area nominees. Here's the full list on IRNE's facebook page. Awards night is April 7th.

I'll be migrating north in exactly one week to begin rehearsals for Richard III with Advice to the Players. I've also been squeezing in a few adventures in NYC to get myself to a few EPAs. Audition season in Boston is already starting to percolate, starting with The Huntington's EPAs next week.

Check out Zeitgeist's current show, Neighbourhood Watch by Alan Ayckbourn, running for two more weeks at the Boston Center for the Arts!