Blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark…"

And melt, snow. I'm sure Shakespeare meant that as well.

Life of Riley came to a graceful end after an eventful beginning. With a blizzard deciding to take part in our opening weekend, and a last minute replacement during said blizzard, it was a show that kept us all on our toes, but on it went! Some nice reviews:

The Boston Globe: “David J. Miller’s deft direction finds just the right blend of tragedy and hilarity in Ayckbourn’s play about three couples coping with the news of their mutual friend’s impending death.”

Boston Arts Review: “And Angela Smith gives one of the loveliest performances I’ve seen this year as Riley’s ex, lured back by the amoral Svengali.”

A great closing Saturday was immediately followed with a first-read-through Sunday for Julius Caesar with Advice to the Players in NH. I play a female Cassius in this contemporary staging, with shows in North Conway, NH, Center Sandwich, NH, and school matinees throughout the Lakes Region. We close with a 2pm matinee tomorrow at the Center Sandwich Town Hall.

As I head back south and tax season comes to a head, I've got auditions lined up for the coming year. Lots to do and much to celebrate, since April also contains a certain 10-year anniversary. (Just sayin' …)

Happy Spring!