Autumn in New Hampshire

Autumn is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. The trees are turning beautifully, the air is colder, but with all the distraction of nature I've been managing to get a lot done.

But first, flash back to August:
Shortly after A Midsummer Night's Dream with AttP (and a crazy week of overlapping rehearsals and performances), I opened Bedroom Farce at the Barnstormers. British accents, marital troubles and bell-bottoms were to be found in abundance, and the cast made it all merrier. Summer theater up north is always such a quick blast of fun, and man does it leave an empty space behind when it ends just as quickly.

I've had some auditions, one of which resulting in the first bit of happy news:

I've been cast as Laura Wingfield in New Art Theatre's production of The Glass Menagerie!

You can probably imagine how excited I am for this, and as usual, the NAT rehearsal schedule is a highly concentrated one! More details to follow.

I've taken a few classes with CP Casting this month, “Auditioning for Film & TV” with Tom Kemp, and “Getting Started in the Business of Acting” with Carolyn Pickman, just yesterday! Ironically, and happily, I got the voicemail from NAT during this last workshop. 🙂 These are film-focused classes, a medium that I am new to, and I'm getting pretty revved up to branch out into this exciting work that seems to be everywhere in Boston now.

I recently had new headshots taken by Lynn Wayne Photography. I found out about her discounted Headshot Day thanks to New England Actor. These days offer about a half-hour shooting session at a steal, and though it went by quickly, I had a blast with Lynn and Donna, who made me feel right at home, and I love the new shots. I'm picking the one to have retouched this weekend, so be on the lookout for new photos in the gallery soon!

Hope you're enjoying the leaves, the apples, the sunsets, the pumpkins – all of it!